Chardonnay is probably the most common and well known variety of white grape in wine production today. One reason why Chardonnay wine is so popular is because Chardonnay grapes are grown nearly everywhere that wine is produced. Chardonnay grapes are relatively hardy and are able to survive in a variety of environments.

Chardonnay wines have also become very popular, probably the most popular of all white wines today. It is thus for good reasons that Chardonnay is regarded as the "king" of white grape varieties.

Our Chardonnay is a fruity white wine with balanced acidity and long after-taste, bursting with flavors of tropical fruits like pineapple and mango, green apple and lemon.It is a perfect accompaniment to salads, poultry and all seafood or even as a cool aperitif.

Enjoy it between 8-11 degrees.