Maratheftiko is considered to be the Cyprus’s “flagship” when referring to red wines. 

It is an indigenous grape variety of superior quality found amongst Mavro stocks in many vineyards. It is difficult to grow and unpredictable. Being a female variety that does not self pollinate (like almost all the other world grape varieties do), It needs to be planted with another variety that flowers at the same time.

It is an excellent grape that produces deeply colored, elegantly scented wines with a complex and intense nose hinting aromas of cherries, vanilla, blackberries and exotic spices with a good structure and elegant tannins.  

The wine from this grape is usually concentrated. The tannins, fragrance, color and structure of Maratheftiko are extremely close to those of a Cabernet Sauvignon and distinctively different at the same time.

It is the perfect accompaniment for red meat. Enjoy it between 16 – 19°C.