The art of wine making started many decades ago by our grandfather Christodoulos Antoniou, with the nick name SHOUFAS, a Cypriot word for a type of hawk.

Our father, Constantis Philippou, the son in law, took over and continued the wine making tradition. He expanded the vine yards in areas where only the goats could reach.

He served as a watchman for the vineyards around Kilinia village, east of the Troodos Mountain, in Cyprus.


Back then, the wine produced was kept in old huge clay pots and it was only produced for home consumption, used at family gatherings and celebrations.
In 1999 we, the sons of Constantis Philippou, Savvas and Chrysostomos, built the winery based on the latest technology and wine making process. In 2000, we started trading our first commercially bottled wine with two types Shoufas Red Dry and Shoufas White Dry. The success of these first two wines led us to increase our labels and expand our winery.  To this day, we cultivate the vineyards and create each distinctive Shoufas wine.